About us

We are a small company with big dreams!

About us

We are a small company with big dreams

My Play Area was born because we believe that every child has the right to play in spaces that
enthuse, excite and challenge them.

Dan – Company Director

Managing parks and play areas for over 15 years has shown me first-hand the benefits play areas have for children and how it offers a gateway to other play opportunities in the natural environment. The last three years have seen my work for Swale Borough Council improve many play areas and whilst it was always important that play areas were as inclusive as possible, it was difficult to know what play equipment and design would offer the best play experience for everyone.

My Play Area was born to allow parents to make informed choices on what play areas are best for their children, to allow play area owners to make improvements that are for everyone and play companies can design great play areas backed by independent national research.

Email – dan@myplayarea.co.uk

Sarah – Company Director

I’ve seen first hand with my own children and in my previous role as a teacher the vital role that play has in children’s lives – the positive impact it has on their development, self-esteem and teaches them far more about learning and how to learn that transcends any ‘taught’ lesson. I’m really passionate about children having access to play spaces that are inclusive and meet the needs of as many people as possible.

Being a parent can sometimes be lonely and as your children grow, so do your own relationships and friendships. Developing high quality, inclusive play areas to enable exploration of the social aspects of play is vital. I’m really excited to be developing the mapping tool in particular, as I know that the information it will hold, is something that I would definitely use with my own children and friends to organise ‘meetups’, ensuring a positive experience for all.

Email – sarah@myplayarea.co.uk